The Plural of Anecdote is Not Data

sketch of talk bubbles and a chart “Anecdote Not Data” by Leon Chan

Not much of an introduction this week, the articles are insightful and informational while the video clip is pure entertainment (and a very good one at that). I guess that’s what I usually expect from those respective media forms and delivered them this week as such.

What I’ve Read:

Has Tinder Really Sparked a Dating Apocalypse? | The Science of Us

I like to read pieces about “millennial” culture, maybe I’m as narcissistic as everyone believes my generation to be, and I thought this was another one of those. But after reading through the piece, I was pleasantly surprised to learn this essay was more about scientific findings. My main takeaway form the piece is “the plural of anecdote is not data.” I have a tendency to extrapolate stories I hear from friends to “what everyone must be doing.” However, this article shows that I should probably reexamine that line of thinking.

Asian Essentials for Easy Weeknight Meals | NYTimes

I’ve been following the regimen outlined in The 4 Hour Body by Tim Ferriss in an attempt to bulk up. One of the prescriptions from the book is to eat the same meals throughout the week. This essay came at the right time as it added variety to an otherwise boring meal. Being Asian, I already had some of the essentials and tried the sauce for salmon last night. My dinner turned out better than expected and I can’t wait to to try some of the other recipes.

What I’ve Watched:

Sesame Street: Game of Chairs (Game of Thrones Parody) | YouTube

Who says that Sesame Street is just for kids? This delightful, comical, and slightly educational video is a gem. I loved the numerous references to Game of Thrones and the playful nature of the skit. Definitely worth the five minutes for any fan of Westeros.

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