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This week’s reads discuss the world that I’m technically a part of, writing on the internet. The authors and sites discussed are on a much larger scale and way better at putting words together than I am. Their take on how social media has changed how people consume content on the Internet is fascinating and a little meta.

What I’ve Read:

The Web We Have to Save | Medium

Hossein Derakhshan pens his first blog post after being locked in an Iranian prison for over six years. In the piece he reflects on the golden days of blogging and how technology has changed writing while he was behind bars. His analogy of blogging to sitting in a cab brought me back to why I started reading and eventually writing. Reading is one way I connect with the world and understand voices that are not my own.

Why the most important people in media reading The Awl? | The Verge

This piece profiles The Awl, the small Internet publication that bucks the trend and caters to witty readers. The discussion of the current trend of internet writing is insightful and worth the read. But the reason why I liked the article, and subsequently The Awl, is because their creative philosophy is what I had in mind when I started NineOverFour. I wanted to write about things that I was interested in and didn’t care much about viewership or money.

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