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I finally wrote another long essay and it’s up on the website now! The essay has been on the back burner for a long time and I’m glad its finally out. I’ve got some drafts going and hopefully it won’t be another 8 months or so between essays.

What I Read:

How Homeownership Became the Engine of American Inequality | NYTimes Magazine

I am currently looking for a condo to purchase in Hawaii. As part of the process, I’ve had to take a closer look at my finances as I went through mortgage pre-approval. While going through the numbers provided by the lender, I realized how much more I can afford because of tax credits provided to first time home buyers. Although those tax credits are going to be extremely beneficial for me, I wonder if it would make a bigger impact helping the less fortunate. This long read provides a detailed history of government assistance for homeownership and how it affects Americans struggling to make ends meet.

What I wrote:

SE Exam | NineOverFour

I had this essay about 90% done at the beginning of the year. I started writing this after the first exam and wanted to get it out before Christmas. But I was stuck debating the use of pronouns and overall flow of the “letter.” With all my time devoted to studying for the second go around after the new year, I didn’t pick this essay up until a few weeks ago. I proofread it a handful of times and added the PS section and sketch. My overall goal was to use this as a reminder to myself in case I had to take the test again (which was the case) and as advice I would tell my friends or coworkers if they were taking the exam.

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