Some of my readers might have noticed that I haven’t written an update in over two weeks. There was a deadline at work over those two weeks, which made me incredibly lazy during my usual writing hours. I was also feeling a little depressed from not hitting my personal goals, like reading x number of books or publishing essays in a timely manner. However, the deadlines are over and I’ve been rejuvenated by this TED talk from Shonda Rhimes. So I’m back and hopefully more productive.

What I’ve Read:

Liar’s Poker | Michael Lewis

I finished this book about investment banking in the 1980’s over the weekend and thought it was a good read overall. The book reads like a memoir because it mostly follows the personal events of the author. I liked the writing style and found the story compelling; I also learned quite a bit about bonds, stocks, and how the markets work.

How To Talk To Girl’s At Parties | Neil Gaiman

The title is a little misleading because the story is not just about talking to girls. However, the title was compelling enough to make me click the link in the first place. I enjoyed the short story and it’s subtle hints.

What I’ve Been Watching:

Cooked | Netflix

This documentary series from Michael Pollin explores the different ways we transform food. The series focuses on four main ways to cook food, themed to match the fours elements: fire, water, air, and earth. I admired the exploration of different cultures and their uses of these elements in their cooking.

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