From Water to Wine... to Smoothies?

We’re back to our regularly scheduled writing this week after going out of the box the last two weeks. My favorite thing about the NBA is obviously the game of basketball itself. I love watching high stakes playoff games, where a miss or make determines the team’s entire season. A close second is the culture surrounding the NBA. I enjoy reading the petty comments players make, looking at all the memes that come from Reddit and Twitter, and learning about how these world class athletes take care of their bodies. Last year, I shared a story about the NBA’s love of PB&J. It seems that story caught fire because more articles have been featuring the relationship between the NBA and food.

What I Read:

The NBA’s Secret Wine Society| ESPN The Magazine

This story takes an esoteric look into the culture within the NBA culture. I’m not a huge wine drinker myself but reading this article made me download the app Vivino. I appreciate the deep thought and knowledge that NBA players take into the wine world. Their obsessive and competitive instincts seem perfectly in line with what it takes to become a wine aficionado.

The Bottled Water Obsession Taking over NBA Locker Rooms | Bleacher Report

We go from what the players drink when they unwind to what they drink when they are on the court. I don’t personally believe the hype that alkaline water is significantly better than any other water. But then again, these athletes are looking for any edge they can get. And as the article states, the best benefit might just be the placebo effect.

Looking at this from a wider perspective, I’m glad that NBA players are pushing water over soda and other sugary drinks. There are millions of kids around the world that watch these games and admire these players. If they learn that their favorite players prefer to drink water over soda, they might do the same. This leads to healthier children and better overall human health. I might be overly optimistic but I’d like to think that the NBA makes a wider impact on the world than just a form of entertainment.

Rajon Rondo’s Secret Stuff | The Ringer

This article came out right around the first round of the playoffs, when Rajon Rondo’s team swept their opponents. All the NBA talking heads were praising “Playoff Rondo” and his ability to weave incredible passes to his teammates. Could it be because of the smoothies and change in diet? Unfortunately, his team ran into the defending champions in the second round and got bounced in five games. So maybe not?

What I Heard:

Rom-Com | This American Life

This year’s Valentine’s Day episode of This American Life centers around the typical plot development of a romantic comedy. There’s the meet cute, the run, and some happily ever afters. I thought the overall theme of the episode was exceptionally clever. The stories themselves are also terrific and I can see why they were chosen to be included in this episode.

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