Turning of the Calendar

There’s a handful of days until the end of one year and the start of another. I forgot the source of this quote but someone said that people often reflect at milestones. To that end, a collective milestone that everyone shares is the turning of the calendar year. I believe this is why resolutions and goals are vogue during this time of year. I enjoy reading what others have accomplished as they reflect on the year and chose to share two stories that highlight those thoughts.

What I’ve Read:

My Year of No Shopping | NYTimes

I see the author as my proxy in the beginning of the story. She’s asking the questions I would about the year of no-shopping. As the story unfolds, I can relate with her friend on the time saved by not shopping. I spend a large of amount of time researching items before purchase; I want to make sure I am getting the best deals on the best products. I probably won’t do a year of no-shopping, however I will reflect on my spending habits and the time spent looking up items online.

How a series of initiatives to train gratitude changed my life in 2017 | Medium

This is a fairly lengthy post on habits used to develop a greater sense of gratitude. I’ve tried a few of things on the list and some are built in to my daily routines. I’m looking to incorporate more systems into my life and this article was a good primer on what some of those might be (I have a longer article in the works on those systems).

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