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sketch of the Hearthstone board

“Hearthstone” by Leon Chan

Personal narratives are one of my favorite things to read. I get to dive inside another person’s head and experience things I might never get to; the romance of a semester in Paris, the thrill of finding gold in Arizona, and the grind of playing card games online. Okay, maybe I’ve experienced the last one in person over and over again. Anyways, these weeks reads are all tremendous as they pull the reader through incredible experiences.

What I’ve Read:

The Summer I Learned I Wasn’t the Exception | New York Magazine

This essay about the author’s time abroad reads like an episode of Girls, the HBO show, set in Paris instead of NYC. I enjoyed the explorations of self identity and place made by the author throughout the piece. Even more so, I ate up the romance and ensuing drama at the center of this story.

A Liar Standing Next to a Hole in the Ground | Outside

This story revolves around the author and his rag-tag group of wannabe prospectors. His narrative takes us to the heart of the Arizona desert in search of gold. The resulting adventure left me with a slight “fever” and wanting to read about more his exploits.

Attempting to master Hearthstone in 30 days | Polygon

About 5 months back, I had the exact same idea as the author of this article. I wanted to climb to Legend in Hearthstone and write about the experience.¬†However, I never fully dedicated the time to make the push. Reading about his experience made me want to try again and I’m currently rank 12 with about 10 days left in the season. The story is a¬†good introduction to the game and probably way better than what I would’ve wrote.

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