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goryokaku “Goryokaku” by Leon Chan

I was out of the country on vacation last week and failed to prepare ahead. Therefore, an update was missing last week and I’m scrambling to put together a few reads for this week. In keeping with the them of traveling, I have a couple stories about getting out and exploring and a sketch from my travels.

What I’ve Read:

This very fascinating article presents the case for NASA’s next mission to be for Europa, one of Jupiter’s moons, instead of Mars. The author unravels the history of the icy behemoth and argues the importance in exploring the water underneath the moon’s exterior. The piece is well written and made me excited for the future of space exploration.

Up in the Air: Meet the Man Who Flies Around the World for Free | Rolling Stone

On this last trip, I used award miles on my Chase Sapphire credit card to score a couple of free flights and hotel stays. Although I felt like I gamed the system a bit, it doesn’t come anywhere close to what Ben Schlappig does. This profile of Schlappig highlights the wonders and loneliness of traveling around the world to gather reward miles.

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