Gimlets in the Beginning of Summer

Both of the podcasts this week are from Gimlet Media and feature former producers of This American Life. In both cases, I found myself caught up in the narrative and anxiously waiting for the plot to resolve itself.

What I’ve Heard:

Case #2 Britney | Mystery Show (49 Minutes)

Mystery Show is a brand new podcast hosted and produced by Starlee Kine, a veteran from This American Life. In each episode, she channels her inner Sherlock and investigates the mysteries of friends and listeners. My favorite part about this podcast are the asides, which in this episode is the conversation with the customer service rep at TicketMaster. Starlee is able to pull these amazing stories from everyday people through thoughtful questions and genuine curiosity.

#27 The Fever | Reply Alll (26 Minutes)

Reply All is a podcast that delves into the depths of the internet to find captivating stories. This episode is centered around online dating from the perspective of Asian women. I have always taken “Yellow Fever” as a joke, similar to ones about people from Hawaii loving Spam. However after listening to the show, I view it in a more serious light; going as far as questioning whether I have biased tendencies in my own life.

What I’ve Read:

The Debate Channel | Seth’s Blog

To bring some relief from the longer audio pieces, I’ve included a short post from Seth Godin’s blog. His iteration on political debates makes sense in the digital age. Just like this update is my little corner of the Internet, politicians should use their (bigger) corners to push their message.

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