First Love

This week I finally made time to sit down and read books undisturbed. To my surprise, I actually finished one after not completing a book in almost 2 months! It felt great to pick up my Kindle and dive into another universe. Reading was the reason I started writing and it was like getting acquainted with my first love again.

What I’ve Read:

The Wedding Toast I’ll Never Give | NYTimes

I like this Modern Love piece because it shows that love, like anything worth pursuing, is hard work. It also unravels the everyday annoyances and pleasures of a relationship. I especially enjoyed the author’s use of “…and yet” to demonstrate the point throughout the essay. How Jacques Pepin Saved My Life | GQ - Often times a seemingly simple encounter with someone changes our lives without the other person noticing it. However in this essay, the author goes back to the chef that turned his life around. I enjoyed all the food and cooking references because one of the books I’m currently pouring over is Twelve Recipes by Cal Peternell.

What I’ve Watched:

Traffic Stop | StoryCorps (YouTube)

When I discovered this clip through Brain Pickings, I expected to read a short to medium length piece about philosophy or literature. Instead I got an engrossing and valuable three minute video clip. The story behind the animated short could have been just another story about race and police brutality. But it was so much more because of the personal nature of a StoryCorps interview. I could relate to the emotions behind the voices even though I had never experienced this kind of racism first hand.

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