Back In The Swing of It

It’s nice to be back and sharing my thoughts and reads on here. I finally wrestled my free time back from its menacing captives. The long grueling hours of studying for the SE exam were whisked away when the test was (hopefully) conquered at the end of October. And the responsibility of looking after two small and very energetic dogs disappeared last weekend when their owners returned from vacation. I now have the time to write, read, and also start a new hobby of bread making.

What I Read:

I Crossed the World | NYTimes

This seemingly straight forward travel piece did more than just make me want to visit Japan or Germany. I followed along with the author as he battled with the significance of going completely around the world. Was it just another box to check off? Or does following in the footsteps of Magellan stir a sense of wanderlust and accomplishment? The author seems to think it’s the latter and I would love to find out for myself someday.

Elon Musk: The World’s Raddest Man | Wait But Why

This four part series takes a deep dive into Elon Musk and his two companies, SpaceX and Tesla. The posts are lengthy but I recommend the entire set to anyone with time. Tim Urban does a fantastic job unraveling the histories of the automobile, energy, and space industries and explains why it’s paramount to disrupt the status quo. I was skeptical about the colonization of Mars before reading the SpaceX post. But now, I am a full blown believer and can’t wait to see cities spring up across the red planet.

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