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This week, I have an article, movie, and website to share. I haven’t shared a website before on my weekly updates. However, I’ve been using the backgrounds from Quotefancy on both my personal laptop and desktop for a couple of weeks now. I think it’s subtly making a difference in my productivity and wanted to share it with my readers.

What I’ve Read:

How Fiber Helps You Lose Weight | The Atlantic

This articles dives into the benefits of adding more dietary fiber into eating habits. It states, with scientific research, that fiber leads to weight loss, lower body fat, and other positives. I always feel like I’m not getting enough vegetables and this article fuels that concern. I enjoyed the author’s numerous attempts at naming the fiber dedicated month, my vote would goes toward Pooptober.

What I’ve Watched:

Baby Driver

I actually rented this movie twice, it was free both times thanks to T-Mobile Tuesday. It wasn’t that I wanted to watch the movie more than once, I just forgot about the movie and it expired after 30 days. Overall, I thought it was good a movie albeit with a lackluster ending. It was a fun heist movie that made its almost two hour run time fly by.

What I’ve Discovered:


This is a website that basically overlays famous sayings over breathtaking backdrops. My current favorite is a quote by Gandhi, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” It inspires me to take action rather than just sitting back and grumbling. Having said that, the changes that I wished to see are a lot closer to home than big worldly endeavors like world peace. For instance, I was tried of looking at the unopened boxes in the 2nd bedroom. Instead of complaining to my girlfriend, I decided to unpack the ones that had my things in it. Baby steps right?

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