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I know it’s been almost half a year but I hope you still remember me. Furthermore, I hope that you remember I send out updates every week on articles, video clips, and podcasts that I find worth sharing. Speaking of updates, there’s a reason why I have been silent all this time. I bought an apartment at the end of the July and spent the following months renovating, moving in, and making it livable. I would estimate that I’m about 90% of the way there. A handful of scattered boxes still need to be sorted, a couple areas need a coat or two of paint, and my desktop needs to be hooked up. The last one is sort of important for getting these digital updates out. I managed to dig up an old laptop and am making due for now. So enjoy the first of hopefully a long streak of weekly updates.

What I Read:

Cat Person | The New Yorker

I didn’t know this story was viral until a day or two after I read it. However, I should have known it would be since I discovered the piece through a tweet. This story reminded me of the shorts that got me hooked on reading and eventually writing. I could relate to the feelings of both characters; the frustrations of being ghosted after a “good” date and the uneasiness of someone not letting go of what was never really there.

Inside the Home of Instant Pot, the Kitchen Gadget That Spawned a Religion | NYTimes

Last Christmas, my mom asked my brother and I to buy her an 8 quart Instant Pot. This was odd because she usually doesn’t make gift requests. However, we went along with it because it meant that we didn’t have to rack our brains coming up with a gift idea. My mom uses this appliance two to three times a week; conjuring up chicken soup, braised short ribs, and beef stews for dinner. I don’t think she’s quite as fanatic as those described in the article but she’s definitely a believer in the Instant Pot and I am too after tasting all of her delicious meals.

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