Thursday Thoughts - 04/13/2023

Here are my Thursday Thoughts, a short list of the most interesting things that I’ve read, heard, and/or watched over the past week.

animated disney characters investing money by Stable Diffusion Dream Studio

animated disney characters investing money by Stable Diffusion Dream Studio

What I Read:

The BEST Guide to Visiting Hong Kong Disneyland

In a couple of weeks, I’ll be going on vacation. One of the destinations on the trip is Hong Kong Disneyland. The blog I found offers an excellent summary of the experience.

I wasn’t aware that reservations were required before entering the park. I’m relieved I discovered this information prior to my visit.

All About Investing (Parts 1 & 2)

All the Hacks is a newsletter and podcast that shares valuable tips to optimize various aspects of life. Chris Hutchins delivers actionable advice on travel, finances, and more.

Hutchins pulled together the best parts of his podcasts episodes with investing experts into a series of newsletters. These experts include Andy Rachleff, Ben Carlson, Nick Maggulli, and Brian Feroldi. Part 1 covers the basics, while part 2 delves deeper into advanced investing topics.

I found the advice on creating a personal investment policy statement particularly useful. I used to struggle with deciding when to buy or sell crypto. The concept of establishing a set of rules now seems entirely logical.

What I Tried:


Over the weekend, I upgraded to ChatGPT Plus. My plan is to immerse myself in AI tools during the next three months.

I utilized GPT-4 to generate an example of a personal investment policy statement. The resulting screenshot appeared consistent with Investopedia’s description. Consequently, I copied the example and used it as the starting point for my investment policy statement.

Screenshot of ChatGPT response for an IPS

Screenshot of ChatGPT response for an IPS

P.S. - A draft of this post was ran through ChatGPT for suggestions.

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Thursday Thoughts

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