Are We Too Smart or Too Dumb?

I’ve been a bit distracted this week (see: What I’ve Watched) but I was able to find just enough noteworthy reads to share. I really enjoyed the piece on Wait But Why, not just because it was about science but that it made me rethink what I thought I knew.

What I’ve Read:

The Fermi Paradox | Wait But Why

This article explains why we haven’t made contact with aliens. There are two major theories at play; we are either too smart for extraterrestrial beings or too insignificant for them to care. I’m not sure which side of the line I fall on but I am humbled by the thought that we don’t know everything.

What Pet Should I Get… | Brain Pickings

Maria Popova shares this relatively unknown Dr. Suess children’s book. As Popova points out, this book illustrates the hazards of indecision and FOMO through the use of pets. It’s a nice reminder that not deciding is a decision and often a poor one.

What I’ve Watched:

Jeremy Lin Moonlights as eSports Analyst for ‘Dota 2’ Tournament | Bleacher Report

I was consumed with The International Dota 2 Championships, or TI5, this past week. This is the biggest Dota 2, and perhaps eSports, tournament of the year. The prize pool sits at $18 million with the winner taking away $6.5 million. It’s exciting to see video games covered by mainstream media especially when it features one of my favorite NBA players.

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