This week’s links makes me nostalgic for simpler times of watching shows on Comedy Central, playing video games, and solving problems using the metric system. In other words, it made me miss college.

What I’ve Read:

Exclusive: Dave Chappelle… | Washington Post

I’ve been a Dave Chappelle fan since first watching “Chapelle’s Show” in 2005; my favorite sketch involved basketball, Prince, and pancakes. I always wondered why there were only three seasons of this amazing series. I have my answer now and¬†admire Chapelle for leaving $50 million on the table because the difference was “minuscule.”

The Long, Tortuous History of the U.S. and the Metric System | TIME

I must admit that I was slacking and only just caught up with the numerous presidential campaigns. I stumbled across this article as part of my research and was surprised to learn about the United State’s flirtation with the metric system. Even if Hilary Clinton runs away with the Democratic nomination, I hope the attention to this issue brings some change.

What I’ve Watched:

EVO 2015 - Ultra Street Fighter IV Grand Finals | YouTube

This past weekend was EVO 2015, the largest fighting game competition in the world. Players from around the globe gathered in Las Vegas to prove they are the best at their respective fighting games. The link above shows the culmination of EVO with the play-by-play casters in tears of joy. This one scene captures the passion that I come to associate with fighting games and EVO.

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