Thursday Thoughts - 12/01/2022

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What I Read:

Tiny Beautiful Things | Cheryl Strayed

As mentioned in my last post, I picked up Tiny Beautiful Things off of Ryan Holiday’s reading list. This book is a collection of advice columns from Cheryl Strayed’s time as Dear Sugar. The advice given in this book touches all aspects of life. There’s love, death, work, addiction, and a whole lot more.

I immensely enjoyed this book. I finished the book during the my week long vacation. It is a mix of my favorite book genres, short stories and memoirs.

I loved how each response was structured. It stats with Strayed acknowledging the writer’s situation with compassion. Then, she shares a personal story that seems unrelated to the topic. Everything comes together several paragraphs later. Finally, Sugar offers sage advice that resonates.

What I Learned:

Black Friday sales start on Tuesday

I was in Washington visiting family last week. On the Tuesday before Thanksgiving, we went to the outlet malls near Seattle. I learned that Black Friday sales start on Tuesday at these outlet stores.

It was a fantastic experience. Most of the stores only had a handful of customers. This meant no lines or crowds. I also found clothes in the right size and color. I’m definitely checking out the outlet malls near my home on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving next year.

What I’m Pondering:

The only thing I ever hope to do as a writer is to make people feel less alone, to make them feel more human, to make them feel what I have felt so many times as a reader: stories have the power to save us by illuminating the most profoundly beautiful and terrible things about our existence.

Cheryl Strayed, Tiny Beautiful things

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