Thursday Thoughts - 06/16/2022

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What I’ve Watched:

Hustle | Netflix

Hustle is about a basketball scout betting it all on an unknown international player for an upcoming NBA draft. It stars Adam Sandler as the scout and a bunch of current and former NBA players, coaches, and media members.

I loved this movie simply because I love the NBA. I got to see many of my favorite players and analysts in the movie. I also liked the grit and heart shown by both the main characters.

What I’ve Read:

A Billion-Dollar Crypto Gaming Startup Promised Riches and Delivered Disaster | Bloomberg

This article outlines Axie Infinity’s rise and fall over the pass year. It’s no surprise that Axie is down given the current conditions of the boarder crypto and stock markets. This article did not reveal anything new to me as I lived through the ups and downs.

I echo the sentiments shared by Alejo Lopez de Armentia, the main person interviewed for this piece. I am spending less time managing scholars and essentially stopped breeding Axies. I also stopped writing my Axie Journals, as there is no news to report. However, I am still holding onto my Axies, AXS, and RON as I believe in the long term future of the game and SkyMavis.

What I’m Pondering:

“If you are doing something you love, you don’t want work-life balance.”

Tim Ferriss, Tribe of Mentors

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