Axie Journal October 2021

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📝 General Notes

Axie Infinity felt stale during the month of October. It seemed like the entire community was waiting for the Ronin DEX, Season 19, and the balance patch to be released.

The only game related news in October was a small game patch. This patch brought back friendly battles. It also added a MMR limit for earning SLP in any game mode. If a player falls below 800 MMR, he/she will not earn SLP in Adventure, Arena, or Daily Quests.

I made a short video detailing the patch and its implications:

🗓 Last Month’s Goals

❌ — My Guppies did not earn more than 400,000 SLP

❌ — 12 Guppies were below 1000 MMR at the end of the month

✅ — Plant and Aqua farms are producing high quality Axies

💃 Breeding

bred 170 Axies in the month of October.

My total breeding costs were 205,500 SLP and 170 AXS for the month. This is equivalent to about 9.63 ETH based on the average exchange rate of my AXS and SLP swaps.

I bred 2 less Axies than the previous month but spent 0.99 ETH more in breeding fees. My farms included Koi/Goldfish Aquas, Nimo/Pocky Aquas, Leaf Bug Plants, and Damage (Serious/Hot Butt) Plants.

I started breeding the Koi Aquas and Damage Plants for my Guppies this past month. The goal was to make their teams more competitive in Arena and stay above the dreaded 800 MMR mark.

🏪 Marketplace

I sold 158 Axies for 11.60 ETH after Marketplace fees in October. The average sale price of my Axies were 0.073 ETH.

I sold 21 more Axies but made 0.25 ETH less than less month. The prices of floor Axies dropped significantly after the game update was announced. Axies that could not compete in the Arena were no longer viable. So the value of those Axies dropped.

I bought 28 Axies for 2.70 ETH this month.

My Axie purchases this month focused on starting and maintaining my breeding farms. Due to this, I mostly bought high purity Aqua or Plant virgins in October. Since the game and marketplace were in a slower growth period, these virgins did not cost much more than their non-virgin counterparts.

🐟 Swordfish Guild (SFG) – Axie Infinity Scholarships

I onboarded no new Guppies in October and still have 91 total Guppies on my team.

During this month:

  • My Guppies earned 389,280 SLP
  • 232,552 SLP was distributed back to the Guppies
  • 7,786 SLP was sent into the SFG treasury

I took a look at all my Guppies’ teams due to the update regarding 800 MMR. I wanted to ensure that all my Guppies had the Axies needed to reach 1000 MMR and above. I created a new standard for the minimum requirements of Axies given to Guppies. These standards include starting with a BBP (Bird, Beast, Plant) or ABP (Aqua, Beast, Plant) team.

The requirements for each Axie type are as follows:


  • 61 HP (59 HP w/ Leaf Bug)

  • 31 Speed if Plant has Serious

  • Mouth: Serious, Zigzag, Herbivore

  • Horn: Cactus, Leaf Bug, Beech, Rose Bud

  • Back: Pumpkin, Turnip, Watering Can

  • Tail: Hot Butt, Hatsune, Carrot, Yam, Cat Tail

Exceptions: Reptile parts such as Kataro, Incisor, Indian Star might be substituted in for Plant parts


  • 41 Speed (min.)

  • Mouth: Nutcracker, Axie Kiss, Goda

  • Horn: Imp, Dual Blade, Pocky, Little Branch

  • Back: Ronin, Risky Beast, Jaguar, Hero

  • Tail: Nutcracker, Hare, Shiba, Rice

Must have either both Nut Crackers (mouth and tail) or no Nutcracker

Must have Ronin if Beast has Imp


  • 6/6 Pure

  • Mouth: Little Owl, Peacemaker, Hungry Bird

  • Horn: Eggshell, Kestrel, Trump

  • Back: Pigeon Post, Cupid, Raven, Kingfisher

  • Tail: Post Flight, Swallow, The Last One, Granma’s Fan


  • Axie Kiss on mouth with Post Flight for Lethal combo
  • Hare for tail
  • Tri Feather on back with Eggshell to trigger 2x attack


  • 6/6 Pure

  • Mouth: Risky Fish, Lam, Piranha

  • Horn: Oranda, Shoal Star, Clamshell

  • Back: Goldfish, Sponge

  • Tail: Nimo, Koi

There were about 97 Axies that did not meet this standard. I swapped out 34 of these Axies during October. Once I am done switching out all the “mutated” Axies, I will begin onboarding Guppies again with teams following the same standard.

Since the price of floor Axies was considerably lower than current breeding costs, I didn’t want to sell the “mutated” Axies for a loss. So I decided to give I am giving the “mutated” Axies to my highest earning Guppies for 40 energy.

📈 November Goals

  • Complete all Axie Swaps
  • Ensure all Guppies are above 1000 MMR
  • Earn 420,000 SLP

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