Axie Journal December 2021

📰 News & Notes

There were a number of Axie game updates in December. However, these updates were overshadowed Typhoon Odette. This typhoon devastated the Philippines during the middle of the month. Typhoon Odette was a Category 5 Super Typhoon with winds up to 160 mph. According to Wikipedia, those winds and rain caused $794 million USD of damage. The effects of this disaster was felt by a great number of the scholars in Axie, including those in SFG.

Various guilds and organizations took the lead in relief efforts for those impacted by the disaster. It was heart warming to see people come together for a common good in times of need.

Some of the game news and updates in December include:

  • Breeding Fee Update
    • Halved AXS costs
    • Tripled SLP costs
  • Changes for gifted Axies
    • 24 hour cooldown before gifted Axies can earn SLP
    • Additional energy for holding extra Axies will appear at the next daily reset
  • Marketplace Update
    • New filters
      • Japanese and Holiday parts
      • Excluded parts
    • Saved searches
  • Axie #10,000,000 bred
  • Season 19 extended by 2 weeks
    • Players were using an exploit to see opponents’ cards

🗓 Last Month’s Goals

❌ — My team earned less than 435,000 SLP total

✅ — I onboarded more than 15 new Guppies

✅ — More than 3 Guppies joined the 40 Energy Club

💃 Breeding

I bred 107 Axies in December.

My total breeding costs were 167,400 SLP and 96.5 AXS. This is equivalent to 4.01 ETH based on my cost basis for AXS and SLP. I bred 62% less Axies than last month. The decrease in breeding led a 73% reduction in breeding costs.

I was surprised to find out that I bred over 100 Axies last month. I mostly stopped breeding after the fee update. The profit margins were paper thin for most Axie builds. Combined with mutations and the declining market, it made sense to put a pause on this aspect of the game.

🏪 Marketplace

I sold 45 Axies for 2.82 ETH after marketplace fees this month. This is a decrease of 81% Axies sold and 83% ETH collected.The average sales price of my Axies was 0.063 ETH.

The amount of Axies sold and ETH earned were drastically lower than the previous three months. As I stopped breeding, I also stopped selling. I had a huge backlog of about 200 Axies sitting in my breeding accounts. I used the majority of these Axies to onboard new Guppies and upgrade existing Axie teams.

I bought 9 Axies for 0.27 ETH in December.

All of these were either Mech or Beast Axies. I needed solid damage dealers to onboard new Guppies. I thought these Axies were grossly underpriced, so I scooped up a handful.

axie #9005192

🐟 Swordfish Guild (SFG) – Axie Infinity Scholarships

I onboarded 22 new Guppies in the month of December. There are now 107 Guppies on my team! I am thrilled to hit triple digits before the end of 2021.

I also gave 40 energy to 5 additional Guppies this past month. I now have 17 Guppies with 40 energy.

During this month:

  • My Guppies earned 393,220 SLP
  • 235,194 SLP was distributed back to the Guppies
  • 7,864 SLP was sent into the SFG treasury

Total earnings were down 5.2% from the previous month. The main reason for the decrease was Typhoon Odette, as mentioned at the top of this post. The typhoon left many without shelter, food, electricity, and water. This impacted our Guppies’ ability to earn and, more importantly, their well being.

I donated money along with the other Swordfish (managers) of SFG to a typhoon relief fund for our Guppies. We also included some of our Treasury funds to the typhoon relief. Overall, we distributed 53,562 PHP to 35 Guppies.

screenshot of relief fund disbursement to SFG Guppies

📈 January Goals

  • Earn 415,000 SLP
  • Provide 5 “meta” Axies in LC Lab

I like to cycle between onboarding new Guppies and upgrading the quality of current Axie teams. Since I onboarded more than 20 Guppies last month, the next month’s focus is upgrading. I plan to upgrade the quality by providing “meta” Axies. This will allow my Guppies to keep up with current trends and compete in Arena.

  • Hire a Team Manager

With more than 100 guppies, I need someone to help me manage the team. I want to promote from within and find someone who understands my management philosophy. This frees up my time to focus on growing the team and expanding into other NFT games.

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