My 5 Favorite Tools for Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity is a complex game with different elements such as breeding, selling/buying, battling, and managing scholars. I found a variety of tools to help navigate the many facets of the game. Here are five of my favorite tools:

1. Freaks Axie Extension

This Chrome extension is great for breeding and buying Axies. The extension allows you to see the genes of Axies on the Axie marketplace. This tool is crucial when making purchases for breeding. One thing I didn’t know until recently was the ability to view genes on the single Axies page by hovering over the “Stats” section

2. Axie.Tech Pricing Guide

This tool is terrific for selling Axies. You input the ID number of your Axie at the top of the website and it spits out listings and recent sales of similar Axies. It also offers pricing suggestions for your Axie.

I like this tool because it says be the trouble of messing with the filers on the marketplace website. I can just type in my Axie ID number and click on a link to get that information. This is a time saver and one of my most used tools.

3. Axie Infinity Scholarship Tracker

This is must have tool for any Axie Infinity scholarship manager. The website takes the Ronin address of the scholarship account, the scholar’s name, and the split between manager and scholar. It then grabs each scholar’s unclaimed SLP and does the math for the payouts. It also calculates the averages and totals.

4. Notion

Notion is a note taking app with relational databases. This means you can link data from one database to another. I found that relational databases were the perfect way to track my Axies and scholarship accounts.

I have three separate databases in Notion:

  1. Axies database
  2. Scholarship accounts
  3. Scholar Information

I linked all three databases together to provide an overall view of my scholarship accounts, scholars, and Axies. However, since the databases are separate, I can quickly change swap out information by changing just one cell in a table.

5. Google Sheets

Although Notion is amazing, I still prefer Google Sheets and Excel for crunching numbers. I love these spreadsheet programs because it is to easy to set up formulas, produce graphs, and filter data with Pivot tables.

I set up three spreadsheets to help me in Axie Infinity:

  1. SLP earnings and game time tracker
  2. Breeding Cost Calculator AXS and SLP converter
  3. Accounting Ledger to keep track of transactions within the game

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