Axie Journal June 2021

sketch of SLP, AXS, and eggs

June was a great month for me in Axie Infinity!

I met all my goals for the month. I also ramped up breeding in order to onboard more scholars in the coming months.

πŸ—“ Last Month’s Goals

βœ… β€” I bred more than 10 Axies.

βœ… β€” I onboarded at least one more scholar

βœ… β€” My first guppy exceeded the minimum requirements of 150 SLP/day.

πŸ’° SLP Earnings

graph of SLP earned during June 2021 in Axie Infinity SLP Earned Per Day in June 2021

In June, I earned 4381 SLP and performed worse than my scholar! I played 1131 minutes or just about 19 hours. This translates to 146 SLP and 38 minutes per day.

At rates from the end of June 2021 ($0.16 per SLP), I earned about $615 USD for 19 hours or about $30 per hour.

In addition to my own earnings, I received 2033 SLP for managing my scholar.

I was slowed down this month by the daily quest and server issues. I also shifted my time from playing the game to breeding Axies and managing scholars.

Going forward, I am going to stop tracking personal earnings. My time is better spent tracking and managing the performance of my scholars.

πŸ’ƒ Breeding

screenshot of eggs from Axie Infinity Eggs waiting to be hatched!

In June, I bred 59 new Axies. These include:

  • 16 Plant Axies
  • 16 Bird Axies
  • 27 Beast Axies

The total breeding costs were 41,100 SLP and 118 AXS. That is equivalent to about 3.4 ETH at rates from the end of June 2021.

I increased breeding production significantly from last month as I got ready to onboard more scholars in July and beyond.

πŸͺ Marketplace

In June, I sold 38 Axies for 4.878 ETH after fees. All ETH from sales were swapped for AXS and SLP to continue the breeding process.

I also purchased 5 Axies for 0.9372 ETH. These Axies all had a breed count of 0 and a purity of 95% or higher . They were used to kick start the breeding process mentioned in the previous section.

🐟 Swordfish Guild (SFG) - Axie Infinity Scholarships

I onboarded 2 new scholars on June 26th. There are now 3 scholars on my team!

My current scholar farmed 5083 SLP in June. I distributed 3050 SLP to the scholar.

πŸ‘€ Looking for an Axie Infinity scholarship?

SFG is looking to recruit additional scholars!

Join our Discord server to learn more.

πŸ“ˆ July Goals

  • Onboard 50 additional guppies for my team
  • Earn 25,000 SLP
  • Breed 250 new Axies

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