sketch of grumpy cat “Meh” by Leon Chan

A couple of days ago I was feeling slightly depressed or “meh” about my life. I came home from work tired after countless hours in the office but did not feel accomplished. I must have spent about half the day reading articles, working on my fantasy lineups, and watching the NBA to see how those lineups would perform. Spoiler alert - they did poorly and I lost about $5. I was feeling guilty about wasting company time and not producing profit with that time.

I figured I was feeling “meh” not just because of the lack of productivity at work, I’ve had those days before. So I started looking into other areas of my life and noticed I’ve been pretty stagnant lately. I haven’t published an essay in over three months, I haven’t hit the gym in about 2 months, and my guitar hasn’t left its case since August.

After sulking for a while, I decided to turn around one of the things listed above instead of trying to change everything at once. I made up my mind to limit the distractions at work and focus on getting at least one task done each day. If I completed that one task, I should feel like I’ve won the day. By doing this, I’m hoping to hold myself accountable and to set a higher personal standard. I’ve put this into practice over the past few days and was able to get a good amount of work done. I feel better leaving work in the evenings and hope to sustain the momentum.

Sorry to all my readers who look forward to the reading recommendations. This issue was on my mind and I wanted to share my thoughts. I’ll return next week with the links and hopefully publish an essay before the end of the month.


Thursday Thoughts

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