One Million Words

This week I got a curious email from Pocket. The email (shown below) congratulated me for being in the top 5% of readers and laid out some of my reading statistics. I felt better about not reading more books last year and felt a strange pride in going over the seven digit mark in words read through the service. What’s even more exciting is that I’ve shared a good chunk of those words with the readers of my newsletter and site. Let’s continue this trend with this week’s reads.


What I’ve Read:

I was 35 when I discovered I’m on the autism spectrum. | Vox

A few weeks ago I shared an article by Malcolm Gladwell about the spread of gun violence in high schools. The story revolved around a teenage boy on the Autism spectrum. This week’s read is a personal story from another male on the Autism spectrum. His story is well told and made me feel hopeful about my former student.

Confessions of a social engineer | The Kernel

Sorry, I lost the link to this article

When I read the title for this piece, I thought the plot would be centered around¬†using math and behavioral science to predict the results of an election or something similar. However, I was wrong and instead read about how one person scammed companies for free products. It reminded me a little of Ocean’s Eleven and Hustle. I enjoyed the read but am a bit worried about the story inspiring others to go “social engineer” a couple iPads.


Thursday Thoughts

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