Did Not Finish

finish line “Finish Line” by Leon Chan

The weekly update is back after a two week hiatus for the holidays. During that time, I had a bunch of time to read, watch, and listen to fascinating stories. One in particular was about an imaginary atomic bomb used to lure terrorists, or at least that’s what I think it’s about. I tried to read the article multiple times but my attention wavered and I did not get further than the seventh paragraph. On the fifth attempt at reading the piece, I decided to give up and read something else. I clicked on the story about the green card (shared below) and flew through it in one sitting. I guess sometimes it’s okay to not finish what was started.

On a related note, I had planned to write and publish this update during my time off but did not get around to it. This weekly update was also another thing I did not finish except I couldn’t leave this one uncompleted.

What I’ve Read:

How To Get Your Green Card In America | BuzzFeed

I know, I know… BuzzFeed?! really!? But stick with me here, although BuzzFeed specializes in listicles, they also produce some intriguing longform pieces. This profile on one family’s experience with the process is one of those rare gems. The author’s musings on Midwestern America, especially suburban Chicago, made me reminisce about my time in the area.

The stranger and the ring | BBC

This short and somewhat predictable story is worth the read. The writing is fantastic and the rising action pulls you in. This piece made my holidays a little warmer and I wanted to share it in the hopes of starting the year with a bit of optimism.


Thursday Thoughts

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