Thursday Thoughts - 08/25/2022

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What I Wrote:

Q2 2022 Crypto Portfolio Allocations | NineOverFour

I wrote a post about my cryptocurrency holdings. I summarized my actions from Q2 and outlined my plans for the current quarter.

I was a bit hesitant to publish this post because it reveals my finances. With all the security risks associated with crypto, it’s probably not the smartest thing to publish your holdings. But like I wrote in the piece, I like building in the open. Writing the piece also helped me think through my investments. So I’m glad that I went through the process and wrote this essay.

What I Tried:

Word Count

My current workflow involves outlining and writing my essays in Roam. One issue I run into with this setup is that Roam’s word count tool doesn’t always work.

So I found this simple Word Count tool created by Ahrefs. I copy and paste my text into the site and it counts my words. It also tells me which words and phrases are used the most.

What I Read:

Why I Pick Up Trash at the Beach | Ryan Holiday

This essay has a simple premise. Ryan Holiday didn’t like the trash piling up on his rural country road. So he decided to take action himself and pick up the trash.

But the lessons in the story go deeper than just someone cleaning up their neighborhood. The trash or road isn’t his responsibility. But he decided to do something instead of blaming others or complaining. There is a point where you become complicit from observing and not taking action.

In the piece, Ryan Holiday references a sign with the message “Leave This Place Better Than You Found It.” This phrase was uttered by my middle school band teacher almost daily. It was like his mantra. I’m glad this piece reminded me of that and the lesson behind the phrase.

What I’m Pondering:

“The grass is green on the other side because it’s been fertilized by bullshit”

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