Thursday Thoughts - 04/21/2022

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What I’ve Read:

This Is Marketing | Seth Godin

I have been a long time subscriber to Seth Godin’s blog. So the material in his book isn’t new to me. But the insights contained in the book is invaluable. Therefore, I highly recommend this book to anyone looking to make a change in the world.

What I’ve Tried:


Reddit is a great resource for product reviews and user experiences. However, the information can get buried because of how the site sorts posts.

Redditle provides the answer to this issue. It is a search engine just for Reddit. I used it this past week to look up product reviews for a Thunderbolt Dock.

Hat tip to the Recommendo newsletter for sharing this gem.

What I’m Pondering:

“It’s not that life is short, it’s that we waste a lot of it.”


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