Goal Setting: March/April 2016

sketch of a pie chart with days written and not written

This is the first update to my goal of writing at least one sentence every day. I started recording my writing halfway through March. So instead of writing two separate updates, I decided to combine the last two months. A total of seven weeks or 49 days have passed since I started using the calendar to the end of April. I’ve written at least one sentence on 39 of those days or about 80% of the time. All the days I’ve missed have fallen on the weekend. The days I’ve slacked off the most have been Friday and Sunday, with four days missed on each day. During this time period, I’ve written and published one essay and six weekly thoughts.

I have been consistently slacking on the weekends because I haven’t formed the habit of writing on the weekend. I’ve gotten into a pattern of sitting at my computer desk after dinner and pounding out sentences over the work week. But on the weekends, my days are less structured and therefore I don’t have a set time to sit and write. Also, I sometimes feel just plain lazy and spend my time watching TV shows or playing video games.

To get myself writing on the weekends, I’ll need to establish a habit that works with the free flowing nature of the weekends. On most Fridays, I go out for Happy Hour after work and won’t come home till late. Sometimes I won’t turn on my computer and therefore can’t get my sentence in. To help overcome that problem, I’ll have to get on Tinyletter during lunch and write a line or two for the weekly update. On Saturdays and Sundays, I’ll open the word processor right after my computer boots up. This will force me to get at least one sentence in before I get lost on the internet.

screenshot of calendar with days marked off for writing

March Goals

screenshot of a calendar with days marked off for writing

April Goals

Check back in another month to see if these changes helped me with my writing goals.

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