Optimizing the Axie Infinity Garuda Shrine Store

Axie Infinity just released a significant update introducing parts evolution. This update completes the core game loop. Players now have a compelling reason to consistently engage with their Axies, increase their levels, and evolve their parts. This process builds on the connection between a player and their Axies. This update establishes a more sustainable ecosystem, surpassing the play-to-earn model in the previous bull cycle.

This update introduced several new game mechanics.

Fortune Slips

Fortune Slips are a new in-game token that reward holders of collectible Axies. Players earn Fortune Slips by logging onto the Axie website daily and signing a blockchain transaction. The amount of Fortune Slips earned is based on the rarity of the collection. Mystic Axies earn 400 Fortune Slips per day, while Summer Axies earn a single Fortune Slip.

Collectible Axie Reward System infographic from Axie Infinity

Lucky Pouches

Fortune Slips are spent to purchase items at the Garuda Shrine Shop. Currently, there are only two items for purchase, Lucky Pouches and Premium Lucky Pouches. These pouches offer a chance to win consumable items and materials needed for collectible parts evolution. The premium pouch increases your chances for the better rewards and even a Mystic Axie.

Lucky Pouch win percentage infographic from Axie Infinity


After learning about these new mechanics, I got curious about the best ways to earn and spend Fortune slips. I wanted to answer the following questionsL

Which collection provided the most bang for the buck?

Table with breakdown of cost per ticket of different Axie collections as of 12/29/2023

As you can see from the table above, MEO II Axies are the most cost effective. Each Fortune Slip earned costs about $10.40 USD. The most expensive way to earn tickets is with Mystic Axies, with each ticket priced at $34.50. Japanese Axies represent the most cost-effective collection for collectible parts at $16.60 per Fortune Slip.

It’s crucial to note that this analysis centers solely on the earnings of Fortune Slips. Mystic Axies have more utility than just earning tickets. They represent the holy grail of Axie collections. There’s a certain status that comes with holding on these NFTs.

A similar observation applies to MEO Axies. They don’t have any collectible parts. If someone were to look at an image of your Axie, they wouldn’t be able to tell that it’s a collectible.

What’s the better deal, Lucky Pouches or Premium Lucky Pouches?

Premium Lucky Pouches costs 5 times as much as a Lucky Pouch. Therefore, I compared the expected value of buying 5 Lucky Pouches to 1 Premium Lucky Pouch.

Table with breakdown of expected value (EV) of lucky pouches as of 12/29/2023

From the table above, opening five Lucky Pouches is twice as profitable as opening a single Premium Lucky Pouch.

The odds of getting a Radiant Spirit Shell is 50% better with five Lucky Pouches than with one Premium Lucky Pouch. The Radiant Shell draws the biggest expected value. The Cocochocos aren’t worth much. And the odds to get a Mystic Axie is so low that it doesn’t really move the needle, even if the floor price was two times what is it now.

A couple of caveats, I expect the price of Radiant Spirit Shells to come down over time unless new collectible Axies are released. There is basically an unlimited supply of Radiant Spirit Shells. Over time, most of the people that want to evolve their collectible parts will do so and the value of shells will decrease.

The thought of winning a Mystic Axie with the Premium Lucky Pouch is tempting. But with the chances so low, the Premium Lucky Pouch is more like a lottery ticket than anything else. It’s better to aim for Radiant Spirit Shells while they are still valuable.

What’s the ROI for each Axie collection based on Fortune Slip earnings?

These new mechanics put a yield on collectible Axies. And with yield, you can calculate the return on investment or ROI. This value tells you how long it will take to make back what you paid for the asset.

Table with breakdown of return on investment (ROI) of different Axie collections

The calculations reveal that the MEO II collection, being the most cost-effective, recoups its value in 320 days. This means you would get a free MEO II Axie in less than a year if the prices hold up and you sign in every day.


Axie Infinity launched its next chapter with the release of part evolution. With it came new mechanics that unlocked additional utility to collectible Axies. From my analysis with prices from December 2023:

  • The most cost effective way to earn Fortune Slips is by buying a MEO II Axie
    • This has an ROI of about 320 days
  • It’s better to buy Lucky Pouches over Premium Lucky Pouches, you get twice as much value

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